Your one-stop access to all your trading updates – regular market news, upcoming events and valuable business data. Stay connected while on the go!

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ABOUT PipProfit!

A comprehensive platform that gathers your trading resources in one place, PipProfit! keeps you updated on events, offerings and relevant news from Fullerton Markets. Discover, learn and participate – from anywhere, at any time. Move from web to app today and enjoy a richer, more seamless experience on mobile!

Educational Resources

Access regularly updated educational content in various formats. Get economic insights, market analysis and actionable trading ideas with fixtures such as Weekly Market Research and Let’s Trade LIVE!

Calendar of Events

Enjoy a complete overview of current and upcoming activities organised by Fullerton Markets. Discover events happening near you and register for seminars, roadshows and the latest promotions on the spot.

Improved Client Engagement

Onboard new clients more quickly and retrieve valuable metrics pertaining to your clients’ performance. With convenient access to business data, you’ll be able to track and grow your business with ease.



Scroll through your feed for ongoing activities, upcoming events and launches, as well as updated videos and digestible news to enrich your trading journey. Be notified each time new content is released!



PipProfit! is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store – get it now!

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