Introducing Fullerton Markets' CopyPip System

For talented traders, this is a great opportunity to earn more income by letting others copy your trades.
Boost your income from successful trades, by sharing a percentage of your investors’ profits.

How It Works?

For example, if there is a total of USD100,000 of investors' funds which are copying your strategy

Why You Should Become A Strategy Provider With CopyPip

  • Fee Model

    More choices of fee model for strategy providers to earn from instead of only performance fees.


    Instant rebate payouts instead of daily or weekly.

  • Investors Globally

    Instantly gain access to an extensive network of investors globally.

  • Fund's Branding

    Develop your fund's branding.

  • Onboarding Process

    Easy onboarding process.

  • Dedicated Personalised Support

    Dedicated personalised support from our partnership department to help you in your business.

  • Automatic Fee Calculation

    Automatic fee calculation for your investors allows you to focus on your trading.

How To Become Our Strategy Provider

Fill in your details below

  • 1. Login to CopyPip portal and sign up for an account

  • 2. Open a Live Trading Account with Fullerton Markets if you have not done so

  • 3. Login to Fullerton Suite

  • 4. Select to open Strategy Provider account in the Fullerton Suite

  • 5. Link your Strategy Provider account number

  • 6. Declare your fee structure