Introducing Fullerton Markets' CopyPip System

CopyPip is Fullerton Markets’ own copy trading system which enables investors to select from a range of 300+ strategy providers to copy from. Start to replicate their trades automatically in your own trading account.
Make money on the autopilot.

Our unique platform allows you to limit your losses, while at the same time gives you full control of your portfolio as trades will be copied either proportionally or according to your personal settings.

How It Works?

For example, the account balance of a strategy provider is $2,000.

Your account balance is $10,000 (5 times more).

Our Unique Advantages For Investors

  • More than 300+ Strategy Providers

    A global network of more than 300+ strategy providers to choose from.

  • Fast deposit & withdrawal

    Fast deposit & withdrawal using direct local banks.

  • Many trade & risk allocation methods

    Many trade & risk allocation methods to choose from compared to other copy trading platforms.

  • Set your own acceptable maximum loss

    Ability to set your own acceptable maximum loss as well as take profit.

  • Withdraw any time

    Ability to withdraw your investments at any time.

  • Dedicated Personalised Support

    Dedicated personalised support from our partnership department to help you in your business.

  • Automatically adjust the risk & size of lots traded

    Ability to set the ratio between your account & strategy provider, so that you can automatically adjust the risk & size of lots traded based on your capital.

Performance Of Our Top Strategy Providers

Client Testimonials

Our successfull clients stories

Steps To Get Started

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  • 1. Login to CopyPip portal and sign up for an account

  • 2. Open a Live Trading Account with Fullerton Markets if you have not done so

  • 3. Login to Fullerton Suite

  • 4. Select to open CopyPip account in the Fullerton Suite

  • 5. Link your CopyPip MT4 account number

  • 6. Choose the strategy you wish to follow & watch your potential profits grow